What separates Embassy Springs from the rest?

Pollution-Free Sustainable Environment

At Embassy Springs, clean and fresh air will be part of your environment where your family members will inhale good health and well-being. The development features that combines smart urban planning and environmental protection will facilitate bio-diversity, clean and green surrounding with ease of maintenance.

  • There are various drought tolerant plants to promote the in house bio-diversity.
  • The dense variety of trees and plants will filter the air of impurities and promote green living.
  • Expansion of greenery will create a better micro-climate and increase moisture in the atmosphere.

Hundreds ofTrees and Gardens

Every inch of Embassy Springs is connected with parks and gardens. The community has a vision for a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

  • Wide network of 15 tree line roads, 32 different parks and connected 1-3 acres gardens.
  • Uninterrupted green expansion with more than 100 types of trees, plants and shrubs.
  • A total of 7000 trees in the whole development providing delight for nature lovers.
  • 45 acres of complete green spaces.

Natural Lake and Water Bodies

At Embassy Springs, the water bodies and lakes add to the beautiful landscape and lush green surroundings.

  • The large 17-acre natural lake refreshes the entire township
  • A bio-diverse zone is created attracting flock of birds and water animals
  • The water bodies maintains the variety of plant life present in this project

Smartly Planned Road Networks

Embassy Springs has smartly designed the road networks for the convenience of the thousands of families that will be part of the community.
An Innovative traffic-management system to ensure smooth flow of vehicles

  • Wide footpaths along the roads for the pedestrians.
  • Separate cycle tracks to ensure safety and ease of cycling.
  • 14 Bus and Taxi bays for further convenience.

Along with a fantastic housing development including apartments, villas, town houses and plots, such environment revitalization features separate Embassy Springs from the rest and makes your life much better.

Embassy Springs Plots

Embassy Springs Plots offer 950 plotted land developmentswith price ranging approximately from 1.23crores to 3.01crores.The plots sizes range from 2,130 to 5,400 sq.ft. With plots already available for sale, grab your chance to build your dream villa and claim your share of this beautiful space. These premium plots located in Devanahalli is spread across 188.45 acres with ample distance between each site to protect your privacy.

Embasssy Springs Villas and Row Houses

The 288 acre city comprises of 150 plus Row Houses and 150 plus Villas & Town Houses. Depending on your preference, you canselectrow-house or independent villa from Embassy Springs Bangalore. These limited edition exclusive residences are designed by Andy Fisher Workshop; therefore you can expect best of the architecture, private gardens and detailed specifications.

Embassy Springs Apartments

Embassy Springs proudly introduces Embassy Edge apartments comprising of 3000 plus units in a 40 acre dedicatedspace. You can choose between 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK apartments with an outstanding view of nature right outside your window.

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